Monday, April 8, 2013

Makeover Monday

a fun, new blog feature:  
Makeover Monday.... 

I just LOVE before and after anythings....rooms, art projects, gardens, furniture, people..
Luckily, pretty much everything I do is a before & after project, but I really need to work on my documentation of the process. I try my darndest to remember to take BEFORE photos. I always seem to manage the AFTER just fine, BEFORE, not so much. I think it's part of my excitement to get started on something new. (you will notice that many of my before pics are actually "already started" pics). I am hoping that by creating this feature I will REMEMBER to take more photos of the process, otherwise this endeavor may be super lame! :/

To launch Before & After (Makeover) Monday I will start with one of my all time favorite projects: uncaned & degrimed....

I found this piece with "good bones" at my local thrift store. Sadly, it was r i d i c u l o u s l y over-priced. The caning was torn, punched and chewed (not sure what kind of creature pulled this off, maybe a scary combo of creatures. eek.)  The existing stained, deflated pillows and cushions had to GO, and the wood was terribly scratched and a bit wobbly. I did say "good bones", and that was really about it :o
Totally too much work for the initial asking price of $125.00.

I visited every couple days to check the price, (with the mantra...."Please be lowered, please be lowered"). It had been...but not enough.
I tried to put it out of my mind but knew this piece COULD be fantastic!
I did actually {kind of} forget about it, but about a week later I stopped in, rounded the corner heading to the furniture area and there she was, still there! Miss Good Bones! and finally! priced to BE IN MY TRUCK!

So here we are "in the middle". I removed all the caning (an arduous, cuss-worthy process indeed! Will REALLY reconsider taking this on EVER again).
I painted on a primer, squared up all the wood & joints, then installed chicken wire where the caning had been. LOVE IT!!

I reupholstered the apron portion of the piece with a thick, musliny type fabric, made a lovely chalky, white paint; painted then sanded for a good chippy finish and finally inserted a chunky jute in the caning grooves.
I created new cushions, covered them with a nice soft cotton/canvas fabric and
finished her off with some textural toss pillows.

I took this piece to A Vintage Gathering. I just love this Summer vignette! The first after pic is in my yard pre-staging for the show and the second is at the show. (I really need to work on TAKING MORE PICS!! I will do this I promise!!)

And there you go!! my very first "Makeover Monday" project. 
Let me know what ya think! 


  1. Really liked it and it looked like fun!

  2. thanks Babs!! it was LOTS of fun! <3

  3. Great work!! Love the idea of your weekly post!!