Monday, April 15, 2013

Makeover Monday...a Pair of Chairs

Another whirlwind week under my belt. Where does the time go!?! I had a plethora of projects on my to-do list for the week. Started= 5. Completed= 1. :( 
And it's not like I'm not doing stuff. Oh, I'm doing stuff...just not finishy type stuff apparently. So, slide the tasks on over to this week. (which by law, should have NO tasks in it, just sayin'). 

I am however ready to share another fantastic before & after project. 

I found this pair of chairs (YES! a pair!!) for a STEAL! Terry thought I was nuts, but he is getting better at trusting my "this can really be something" visions. We hauled them home through a typical NW Spring downpour/hailstorm/sideways rain and set them in the garage to dry (for a few months). Eventually, we moved them over to the new house (I'm almost positive through another downpour), where they rested for a little bit longer.
I guess what I needed was some fabric to jump start this project. Finally, I found this fantastic black floral fabric (somewhere in my travels)...and it was perfect! The catalyst to this pairs new life.

I recovered the seats and chair backs. Added new black satin piping and of course repainted all the wood and caning with a great white chalk finish paint.
I just love how this pair turned out and will sadly, forever be disturbed by the fact that someone bought ONE chair, leaving the mate behind (which sold soon thereafter), but still, WHY, HOW could you break up this beautiful pair who have been together for decades!!?? So, so sad. I'm sure they are in lovely homes, enjoying their reemergence into a modern decor setting, so I'll be fine. Really. 

chair 1
and chair 2

Thanks for taking a look at this week's Makeover Monday project!!

coming later this week....
birthday hijinks....
the blooper reel....
and more!!! 

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