Sunday, April 21, 2013

makeover Monday...

I LOVE this piece.
It is one of those pieces I kinda, sorta regret parting with.
But that's OK. She's in a great home, showcasing all the owners beautiful things, given a new life after years of neglect...and that's a GOOD thing!!

This was another one of those projects that D R A G G E D  O U T  F O R E V E R. (this seems to be a trend...note to self: WORK ON THAT)
I actually found this the night before leaving the country for 2 weeks.
We were carrying out the perfunctory last minute, pre-trip tasks. On the list, delivering the girls to the dog-sitter, which just happens to be located right next to one of my favorite junk stores, (not on the list, but no question, we had to stop in).
Now you know, as a junker, you can be on the hunt during much more convenient times, like regular buying trips, when you're actually looking for great buys and great potential pieces....AND YOU FIND NOTHING, for days!! Well...of course, not in that mode, I found this piece AND a table and 4 chairs!!
Terry was a great sport, he simply sighed and inherently went about unearthing our bungees, straps and ties. We hauled our clunky, awkward, homely treasures around for the rest of our errands, unloading at 10:50 PM (in the rain, of course).
Yes, the glass was broken, the back was punched through, the hardware was missing and we were preparing to leave for a 2 week vacation...but it had fantastic potential and the price was amazing, Even Terry recognized the must-have factor in this treasure. (oh, and that table and chairs...BRIGHT yellow, not good, pretty yellow. Dirty, 70's yellow. But sexy turned legs and sturdy rushed seats, $5.00= no-brainer!)

So, vacation under the belt, life moves on...I kinda forgot I had this piece. We moved, so had to move this, again. Errg. Anyway...I finally got around to doing something for this poor, ragged thing.

Sadly, I am again sorely lacking in true "before" shots, and the piece was sold before I was able to formally stage it, so even "after" shots are a bit sketchy. Luckily I do have these few photos so we can look back on this hot-mess turned  beauty, employing just a few of my favorite "fixer-upper-tricks".

Chalk paint, chicken wire, rusty hardware and vintage wallpaper...all that was needed for this fantastic transformation!!

{AFTER}... delivered to her new home, awaiting some homey styling. 

And now, I'm forever on the hunt for pieces like this. Looking beyond the shattered glass, missing shelves and seemingly dated style, there's always a fix somewhere in my little bag of vintage tricks!! 

Thanks for checking out my Makeover Monday project. 
As this new feature matures, my sharing and 
telling of the stories will projects and 
proper photo progressions are in the works!! 

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