Thursday, April 25, 2013

and the news I've been waiting for all week....

I am so excited and thrilled to have made the team!! 
Thanks everyone for your good luck wishes.
And thank you g45 for this wonderful opportunity!

(and did you all take a peek at the NEW collections I will soon be creating and 
playing with!!? oh my! Life is GOOD!!!)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

makeover Monday...

I LOVE this piece.
It is one of those pieces I kinda, sorta regret parting with.
But that's OK. She's in a great home, showcasing all the owners beautiful things, given a new life after years of neglect...and that's a GOOD thing!!

This was another one of those projects that D R A G G E D  O U T  F O R E V E R. (this seems to be a trend...note to self: WORK ON THAT)
I actually found this the night before leaving the country for 2 weeks.
We were carrying out the perfunctory last minute, pre-trip tasks. On the list, delivering the girls to the dog-sitter, which just happens to be located right next to one of my favorite junk stores, (not on the list, but no question, we had to stop in).
Now you know, as a junker, you can be on the hunt during much more convenient times, like regular buying trips, when you're actually looking for great buys and great potential pieces....AND YOU FIND NOTHING, for days!! Well...of course, not in that mode, I found this piece AND a table and 4 chairs!!
Terry was a great sport, he simply sighed and inherently went about unearthing our bungees, straps and ties. We hauled our clunky, awkward, homely treasures around for the rest of our errands, unloading at 10:50 PM (in the rain, of course).
Yes, the glass was broken, the back was punched through, the hardware was missing and we were preparing to leave for a 2 week vacation...but it had fantastic potential and the price was amazing, Even Terry recognized the must-have factor in this treasure. (oh, and that table and chairs...BRIGHT yellow, not good, pretty yellow. Dirty, 70's yellow. But sexy turned legs and sturdy rushed seats, $5.00= no-brainer!)

So, vacation under the belt, life moves on...I kinda forgot I had this piece. We moved, so had to move this, again. Errg. Anyway...I finally got around to doing something for this poor, ragged thing.

Sadly, I am again sorely lacking in true "before" shots, and the piece was sold before I was able to formally stage it, so even "after" shots are a bit sketchy. Luckily I do have these few photos so we can look back on this hot-mess turned  beauty, employing just a few of my favorite "fixer-upper-tricks".

Chalk paint, chicken wire, rusty hardware and vintage wallpaper...all that was needed for this fantastic transformation!!

{AFTER}... delivered to her new home, awaiting some homey styling. 

And now, I'm forever on the hunt for pieces like this. Looking beyond the shattered glass, missing shelves and seemingly dated style, there's always a fix somewhere in my little bag of vintage tricks!! 

Thanks for checking out my Makeover Monday project. 
As this new feature matures, my sharing and 
telling of the stories will projects and 
proper photo progressions are in the works!! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

a perfect afternoon for creating beautiful things...

Creating with the g45 French Country collection. We crafted garden portfolio style journals, seed storage boxes and seed packets. Just check out the creativity blooming at the farm....

crafty gals just a craftin away!!

Rosemarie's creations. Beautiful!!

Desiree's nedrag  garden portfolio

Donna's delightful garden journal and storage box.

Leslie's gorgeous French Country set. 

Jean's super-sweet "how does your garden grow" garden portfolio cover. 

....and my favorite creation of the day...this cute "nedrag"  banner!! ;o

another delightful day of ART, friends and inspiration!!
fantastic potluck, mega-creative ladies and lots of love & laughs!! 
thanks again everyone. you are the best!!! 

...Fiesta Time!!

Mi amigos... it's almost here!!
Our super-fun, super-crafty Cinco de Mayo art party!
Join us for an afternoon of whimsical art, fun & games, loads of creativity, a crafty piƱata and of course...margaritas!

We'll be creating a colorful, collaborative art decor piece, sure to brighten any room this Summer season.
We will break to savor a Cinco de Mayo themed potluck, {along with freshly blended margaritas!}
Then back to the ART...where we will craft a festive collection of art journal designs & ideas for your collection; adorn your display frames or share as cards or mini books!
We'll also have games and prizes throughout the day...{what's a fiesta without prizes!!??}

$85.00 for the entire day of fun!!
(includes 2 workshops, goody bags, games & prizes and margaritas!!
Please bring a potluck item to share (your favorite Mexican Faire of course).
Seating is limited, so please reserve your seat ASAP!!
(please sign-up via Facebook events or email: for registration information)

Saturday May 4th
11:30 AM to 7:00 PM
arte, el amor, la vida!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

a French Country garden set...

Wanted to share some photos from my G45 design team project submission.
I'm very happy with how my project turned out. It feels cohesive and truly representative of my art and how I approach projects. An interesting mix of useful, unexpected pieces and a little repurposing to boot!

For this round I had to make my very first youtube tutorial video. What a super fun process!! {although apparently I have a Tourette's inflicted trucker dwelling within...who knew??!}
I'm looking forward to creating more videos/tutorials, getting a little more comfortable in front of the camera and really figuring out all the nifty editing and enhancement tools. Look out Mr. Tarantino! :)
 So, once again, please send me your 
                         good vibes and wish me luck!! 

here's a peek at my submission.... 

thanks for all your support!! 
and here's a link to the youtube video tutorial....
G45 youtube tutorial

and here's a link to the G45 Blog....finalists will be announced on the Blog next Thursday!!
G45 Blog

Monday, April 15, 2013

Makeover Monday...a Pair of Chairs

Another whirlwind week under my belt. Where does the time go!?! I had a plethora of projects on my to-do list for the week. Started= 5. Completed= 1. :( 
And it's not like I'm not doing stuff. Oh, I'm doing stuff...just not finishy type stuff apparently. So, slide the tasks on over to this week. (which by law, should have NO tasks in it, just sayin'). 

I am however ready to share another fantastic before & after project. 

I found this pair of chairs (YES! a pair!!) for a STEAL! Terry thought I was nuts, but he is getting better at trusting my "this can really be something" visions. We hauled them home through a typical NW Spring downpour/hailstorm/sideways rain and set them in the garage to dry (for a few months). Eventually, we moved them over to the new house (I'm almost positive through another downpour), where they rested for a little bit longer.
I guess what I needed was some fabric to jump start this project. Finally, I found this fantastic black floral fabric (somewhere in my travels)...and it was perfect! The catalyst to this pairs new life.

I recovered the seats and chair backs. Added new black satin piping and of course repainted all the wood and caning with a great white chalk finish paint.
I just love how this pair turned out and will sadly, forever be disturbed by the fact that someone bought ONE chair, leaving the mate behind (which sold soon thereafter), but still, WHY, HOW could you break up this beautiful pair who have been together for decades!!?? So, so sad. I'm sure they are in lovely homes, enjoying their reemergence into a modern decor setting, so I'll be fine. Really. 

chair 1
and chair 2

Thanks for taking a look at this week's Makeover Monday project!!

coming later this week....
birthday hijinks....
the blooper reel....
and more!!! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Makeover Monday

a fun, new blog feature:  
Makeover Monday.... 

I just LOVE before and after anythings....rooms, art projects, gardens, furniture, people..
Luckily, pretty much everything I do is a before & after project, but I really need to work on my documentation of the process. I try my darndest to remember to take BEFORE photos. I always seem to manage the AFTER just fine, BEFORE, not so much. I think it's part of my excitement to get started on something new. (you will notice that many of my before pics are actually "already started" pics). I am hoping that by creating this feature I will REMEMBER to take more photos of the process, otherwise this endeavor may be super lame! :/

To launch Before & After (Makeover) Monday I will start with one of my all time favorite projects: uncaned & degrimed....

I found this piece with "good bones" at my local thrift store. Sadly, it was r i d i c u l o u s l y over-priced. The caning was torn, punched and chewed (not sure what kind of creature pulled this off, maybe a scary combo of creatures. eek.)  The existing stained, deflated pillows and cushions had to GO, and the wood was terribly scratched and a bit wobbly. I did say "good bones", and that was really about it :o
Totally too much work for the initial asking price of $125.00.

I visited every couple days to check the price, (with the mantra...."Please be lowered, please be lowered"). It had been...but not enough.
I tried to put it out of my mind but knew this piece COULD be fantastic!
I did actually {kind of} forget about it, but about a week later I stopped in, rounded the corner heading to the furniture area and there she was, still there! Miss Good Bones! and finally! priced to BE IN MY TRUCK!

So here we are "in the middle". I removed all the caning (an arduous, cuss-worthy process indeed! Will REALLY reconsider taking this on EVER again).
I painted on a primer, squared up all the wood & joints, then installed chicken wire where the caning had been. LOVE IT!!

I reupholstered the apron portion of the piece with a thick, musliny type fabric, made a lovely chalky, white paint; painted then sanded for a good chippy finish and finally inserted a chunky jute in the caning grooves.
I created new cushions, covered them with a nice soft cotton/canvas fabric and
finished her off with some textural toss pillows.

I took this piece to A Vintage Gathering. I just love this Summer vignette! The first after pic is in my yard pre-staging for the show and the second is at the show. (I really need to work on TAKING MORE PICS!! I will do this I promise!!)

And there you go!! my very first "Makeover Monday" project. 
Let me know what ya think!