Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Graphic 45/365

Have you heard of the 
Graphic 45/365 

It's a super fun monthly mini that yours truly is designing! 
We feature a new collection and a new project sheet each and every month
(we started in January).
I've designed them with the idea of using them as a daily
keepsake mini for the fill with activities, keepsakes,
photos and family going-ons.
Create one each month and at the end of the year you will have an
entire collection of minis highlighting all your favorite memories!! 
I also share an alternative way to use the mini...
(if you're not really into the whole daily concept), you can use the book
as a themed keepsake for whatever you like.
The program is for retail stores that carry 
Graphic 45 products...but after it goes out to the stores 
we share the project sheets with all G45 lovers!! Yahoo!
(I will also be making kits that you can order!!)

Here's what I've created so far...

January featured Typography.
Fill this mini with January's daily events and memories. 
Or create a special one-of-a-kind birthday, anniversary or art journal keepsake.
The Typography collection really lends itself to almost any theme!


We launched the G45/365 program at CHA this year.
When I got back I created this video to introduce the first mini in the series...
January 365 youtube link

The base that we are using is made from recycled file folders
(if you take my workshops you are quite familar with my affinity
for reusing and recycling whatever I have handy!!)
here's a little video showing you how to craft the base...

On to February...
Using the Sweet Sentiments collection this time, 
I crafted a sweet little mini perfect for February keepsakes and musings. 
It also makes a very lovely Valentine/Anniversary gift for that someone special.

Here's the youtube link to the February project walk thru.
In this video I show you the mini created by following our project sheet, as well as a filled in version, complete with photos and journaling.

Project Sheets
Project sheets for each months mini are/will be available to
 download (PDF) on the Graphic 45 blog.
There is also a monthly Facebook contest!! 
check out all that fun stuff here:

March's mini features Mother Goose.
I used it in a "Think outside the theme" kinda way...creating a Spring themed mini
perfect for March festivities, Easter or even a gardening journal. 
(I can't share that one yet...I'll post photos and links to videos as soon as I can).

So there's the deets so far on the G45/365 program!
Fun stuff huh?!!
Please check in each month to see a new mini and more fun ideas for dailys!

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Denise, how cool is that! I'm so proud of you and excited that you're doing the monthly mini's! Hope all is well with you ... I really, really do want to get together with you one of these days soon! I'll reach out via Facebook in the next week or so. Hugs!!!