Tuesday, March 24, 2015

what is a Tussie Mussie??

an old-fashioned, festive 
Tussie Mussie... 
perfect for Spring decor, 
May Day flower gifting or just for fun!!

you may be asking....
just what is a Tussie Mussie??

tussie-mussie is a quaint and endearing term used for a small, arranged and encased flower bouquet, typically given as a gift. They have existed in some form since at least medieval times, when they were carried or worn around the head or bodice. Doilies, wrapped in a cone shape, are traditionally used to bind the stems in these arrangements. Alternatively, "posy holders," available in a variety of shapes and materials (although often silver), enable the wearing of these arrangements "at the waist, in the hair, or secured with a brooch."
The term tussie-mussie comes from the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901), when the small bouquets became a popular fashion accessory. Typically, tussie-mussies include small inclusions of the season and floral symbolism from the language of flowers, and therefore may be used to send a message to the recipient.
Exceedingly rare solid silver tussie mussie, probably German, 19th century
a beautiful, traditional, Victorian silver Tussie Mussie holder. 

Fun, Victorian imagery Tussie Mussies. 

Sweet and simple winter Tussie Mussies.
and a lovely Spring inspired, mini Tussie Mussie.

The Language of Flowers
  • DAFFODIL - Regard; Unrequited Love; You're the Only One; The Sun is Always Shining When I'm with You
  • DAISY - Innocence; Loyal Love; I'll Never Tell; Purity
  • DANDELION - Faithfulness; Happiness
  • DEAD LEAVES - Sadness
  • FERN - Magic; Fascination; Confidence and Shelter
  • FERN Maidenhair - Secret Bond of Love
  • FIR - Time
  • FLAX - Domestic Symbol
  • FORGET-ME-NOT- True Love; Memories
  • FORSYTHIA - Anticipation
  • GARDENIA - You're Lovely: Secret Love
  • GARLIC - Courage; Strength
  • GERANIUM -"Stupidity; Folly
  • GLADIOLUS - Give Me a Break . . . I'm Really Sincere; Flower of the Gladiators
  • GLOXINIA - Love at First Sight
  • GRASS - Submission
  • HEATHER   Lavender - Admiration; Solitude
  • HEATHER   White - Protection; Wishes will Come True
  • HOLLY - Defense; Domestic Happiness
  • HYACINTH  General - Games and Sports; Rashness: Flower Dedicated to Apollo
  • HYACINTH  Blue - Constancy
  • HYACINTH  Purple - I Am Sorry; Please Forgive Me: Sorrow
  • HYACINTH  Red or Pink - Play
  • HYACINTH  White- Loveliness; I'll Pray for You
  • HYACINTH  Yellow - Jealousy
  • HYDRANGEA - Thank You for Understanding; Frigidity; Heartlessness
  • IRIS - Fleur-de-Lis, Emblem of France: Your Friendship Means So Much to Me; Faith; Hope; Wisdom and Valour; My Compliments
  • IVY - Wedded Love; Fidelity; Friendship; Affection
  • IVY SPRIG OF WHITE TENDRILS -Anxious to Please; Affection
  • JONQUIL - Love Me; Affection Returned; Desire; Sympathy; Desire for Affection Returned
  • LARKSPUR  Pink - Fickleness
for the full alphabetical language of flowers list click 

Our Tussie Mussie workshop includes:
your choice of a sweet little bird to dwell atop your lovely creation
a moss & twig built nest
a banner with your choice of greeting
variety floral sprigs
hand made medallion
a wire or twig handle
a vintage thread cone base
ribbons and lace
and a rusty spring to display your creation! 
and remember...just like most of our workshops, 
colors, florals and paper patterns are your choice. 
Coordinate with your decor or intended recipient and truly make it your own!! 

Spring Time Tussie Mussie
A sweet Springtime addition for your decor, 
table settings or makes a wonderful, 
whimsical hostess gift!

date: April 11th 11:30 to 1:30
cost: $25.00

To join us for this super fun and Springy workshop


  1. Love the Tussie Mussie's. Thanks for the inspiration. Great colour combo's and the wee birdie, nice.

    1. Thanks Suzy! The little birdie is my favorite!! 😊