Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I think I'm in Love...

Yes, it's true.
I am definitely in LOVE!

my first "real" Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Piece

Finally, finally my Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint kit arrived!
I was E C S T A T I C and jumped right in.

I started with a smaller piece that I could try multiple techniques on
 (without it looking weird).
First, a good scrub down with my favorite cleaner. 

Meet "Boxwood" a lovely, rich, earthy green.
Milk Paint comes in a powder form that you mix with water. 
Fun and "experimenty" feeling...Love this aspect!!

I mixed:
1/4" C milk paint powder
1/4" C water 

First I used a stir stick,
I eventually found shaking seems to distribute all the powdery bits around better.
It produces bubbles, but they dissipate as you let the mix "cure", so no worries. 

I let the mix "sit" (cure) for about 5-10 minutes. This time allows for the mixture to 
thicken and really release all those lovely pigments and raw ingredients.. 
Another quick stir...and
Beautiful, rich, highly pigmented paint!
Let's do this....
I painted the legs and slats of the stool with Boxwood. 

I painted the top/seat of the stool with Schloss, a warm, soft gray. 
I mixed it up the same as I did the Boxwood above, 
except I only used 1 Tablespoon each- powder and paint 
to make a smaller batch just for the seat. 
I really like this feature...being able to mix up 
just what you need for a certain waste! YAY!!
(my assistant Lily really likes Milk Paint too, or she's hungry?)
I let the paint dry overnight. (it killed me, but I did).

I didn't get any of the beautiful, natural "chipping" effect that can occur when using Milk Paint. 
I was fine with that, because I really wanted to get my hands on the various, 
all natural mediums that can be used to create distressed, well-worn looks.

First up, the wax puck.
A fine beeswax with a wonderful scent...simply rub the puck over the painted surface where you want a distressed look. The shape and size of the puck are perfect for applying wax just where you want it. 
Think of where a piece might show real life wear...usually edges, corners, etc.  
I choose to work with the stool project first so I could apply different mediums...
2 legs received the puck treatment and 2 Hemp Oil.
Apply the oil with a dry cloth, spreading it over the painted surface.
(Hemp Oil is a solvent free, food safe oil that provides a protective water resistant surface over painted pieces. For this application, I'm using it as a resist medium). 

Now for the seat...(painted with Schloss),  
then a thin layer of the Hemp Oil was applied. 

Next I mixed up a small batch of Linen, a nice creamy white. 
(I can see this being one of my "go-to" colors!! YUM!!)

I painted over the entire stool with Linen.

I love the flat, toothy texture achieved once your milk paint is dry.  

I see "chippy"!

Chipping occurs on some pieces, and sometimes not. 
It depends on the surface before and how it reacts to the milk paint. 
This "surprise" effect is- 
{NOTE: Control freaks may not like this aspect. 
Personally, I think it's great. 
Each piece becomes a unique work of art. 
For me it's a lot like mixed media altered art...just play!
Add layers of this, some of that, oh! let's try this!! 
You end up with an unexpected, very organic masterpiece.
I approach painting in a very similar way...
experimenting with pigments and powders and oils..OH MY!!} 

Back to our beauty here...
Although I was totally pumped to see the fine chippy stuff happening, I 
sanded the entire stool (after the Linen layer dried completely) to reveal the color underneath.
Here you can see how the Boxwood shows through where the wax/oil was applied. 
This technique allows you to sand, 
and the applied wax/oil protects the under layer so you don't sand down to the original finish, revealing multiple colors and layers for a very natural, time-worn look. 
The side showing more Boxwood is the Hemp Oil Side, 
the side with a little less Boxwood showing through is the Wax Puck side, 
and again, for the seat I used Hemp Oil.

I am SUPER impressed with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint!
I have a number of pieces I've been hoarding, waiting to gussy up with milk paint techniques, can hardly wait to experiment some more!!

I'll be sharing more info and pieces soon and we will fully stock 
all the products used here (in addition to the complete line of colors).

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. $22.00, via Etsy.
I am attending Miss Mustard Seed's certified training 
next month so I'll be back with tons of fun and tips 
and knowledge for all your upcoming paint projects too.

Looking forward to sharing this versatile, time-tested paint!!

 Check out Miss Mustard Seed's Website for more details, color charts and project samples.

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  1. Love the stool. Is milk paint similar to the chalk paint? I did enjoy doing chalk paint over a gross old mirror frame. Looks great now! Funny how back in the day, our painting had to look perfect and if we got the "stressed" look, we had to do it again to be "perfect". Nah, not any more, the more stressed the better and your stool really does look great. Can't wait to see what you do next??!! Great job.

    1. Suzyb...I feel milk paint is very different from the chalk type paints. It's so versatile with multiple finish options. I love that I can mix just what I need, mix my own custom colors, layer multiple colors with different textures and not to mention all the finishes they have!!
      The feel of a finished milk paint piece if very different from a chalk type piece. It's smooth and creamy feeling...I think (maybe) my most favorite aspect!!
      Thanks for your feedback..I can't wait to do my next piece! :)