Thursday, September 8, 2011

back in the studio

I've finally got back in the studio!!
Great new projects are coming your way. :)
Check out this sneak peek of our very first KIT project!!
YES!! kits!! YES!!!
We've got all our ducks in a row to start this much anticipated and highly requested facet of our services.
You will be able to order kits, right from here (our blog OR facebook)!! within a day or two your kit will be shipped right to your doorstep, complete with access info to step-by step instructions! WOOT.

**please note: our first kits are limited in quantity (so order up!!)

...and don't forget to tell all your friends who LOVE our workshops but just can't make it to a class...we will come to them! :)

this kit will be available to order Monday, September 12th.
special introductory price: $25.00 plus shipping.

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