Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Graphic 45 Design Team 2013 Audition

"Bird's of a Feather" junque journal. lots & lots of fold outs, pockets and journaling space 
Here are a few of my favorite projects.

I chose a variety of project "types" to share...junque journals, altered books, decor/art pieces and more.

one of my all-time favorite projects. a Steampunk junque journal. 

the binding was super fun to create!! I used old rebar wire and rusty hinges. 

we added tons of metal pieces. I  taught how to "rustify" new hardware. 

a great close-up of the binding detail. 

another fav! the base is an old clipboard. it can stand on your counter and hold your recipes and it's cute! 

the inside pockets/pages are constructed of large manilla envelopes folded in half. some are diagonal and some are half  page. love the variety! 

a Fall memory keeper. this will hold a ton of keepsakes and journaling memories. it is also constructed to stand so it could be used as a centerpiece for Fall gatherings. 

just a fun and colorful "Inspiration" journal.

this journal has a very unique design. gate opening, side opening and top opening.  lots of  real estate for journaling, photos and mementos.

a few portfolio projects. I just love the potential for pockets and add-ons. limitless!!

these accordion keepers are very popular with my gals. we've created one for just about every occasion I think!! 

"the Sweet Life". I  really like to alter my designs and offer something new each time. I love adapting a basic format. Unique openings, folds, pockets and the like are one of my design staples. 

this one is way fun! lots of fold-outs and unexpected pieces. 

 I have taught many altered book workshops. This one featured black & white & red.
The possibilities inside are endless!

a shadowbox journal cover. book opens to reveal pages to fill with your favorite quotes. 

great old, peely painted house moulding for the binding.

just a juicy pile of junque journals.

a HUGE art journal. Inside features the ABC's of staying, being inspired. 

paper flower workshop. 

shadowbox/printer drawer project 

I think I taught this workshop 20 times!! It was a huge hit. Love, love the vinatgey beach ladies. 

and just a couple more decor projects. 

art in my studio.....

I hope you've enjoyed my little tour...and thank you for the opportunity to share my art!


  1. Amazing work! Congrats on making the first 30!

    1. thanks Sabrina! I am so honored!! :D

  2. Eye candy! Gorgeous stuff... and I am totally jealous of your studio stash!

    1. thank you Nichola!
      {stash, all works ;o}

  3. Your work is full of surprises! Love!

  4. Congratulations on making it to the final 30. I just love your creations. Good luck.

  5. Congratulations on making the top 30 for G45 2013! Such inspirational pieces!

    1. thanks for posting and your kind words!

  6. Your designs are fantastic! I also auditioned, but did not make the cut. After seeing your impressive audition, I will be thrilled if you make the team. You are amazing! Best of luck, and I hope I get to see more of your beautiful artwork on the G45 blog in 2013!

  7. thank you so much Kathy, both for your kind, sweet words and your well wishes. you made my day!! :D

  8. Beautiful of luck. I would love to see it on the Design Team!!

  9. Hi Sara and THANKS!! me too! :D

  10. Your choice in paper is GREAT!!! And I absolutely love the recipe idea with the old clipboard! Good luck!!!

  11. Congratulations on making the DT! I look forward to seeing your creations over the next year!

  12. I LOVE the hinge and rebar book binding. Excuse me if I'm repeating myself; I can't remember if I've already told you this, but I'm looking for ways to bind some of my antique French postcards into books. I have thousands of them. I'm used to working digital (that's my business, altered/restored digital images aka FrenchKissed) and I've come to realize that I'm afraid of handling glue and scissors on my own less I ruin something! And I don't have good dexterity:( In the digital world, mistakes can be corrected with a click of the mouse. Working hands-on intimidates me immensely. So I've been searching for a mentor/teacher. Looking forward to the journal class and meeting you at next Saturday's class!

  13. one word. WOW
    thanks for sharing. Tutorials maybe?