Saturday, March 23, 2013

...workshop fun ...

what a great day of creative goodness!!

first we created these sweet little altered art tins. I am SO in love with these!  Going to make a handful for some of my besties with cute little pics and girlfriend quotes inside. (shhhh, don't tell!!)

lunchtime was perrrrfect!!! again, such a great and perfect variety and selection! not sure how we always manage it, but it's always just right! kudos to me ladies!!!
not sure why{???} but I only have 1 photo of the real food....and 10 or so of dessert....hmmmm??!??

Mel's cheesecake eggs!! wow.

Sandy's lemony Easter cupcakes! YAAAuum!!

my little glue & paint Queen!!! xoxo

our 2nd class of the day...great little Springy keepsake...layout ideas sample, banner, display board pieces....It can be just whatever your little heart desires!

PS....we have 2 kits available!! lmk if we can hook you up!! 

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