Saturday, May 4, 2013

clipboard cookbook review....

I had a request to send specs on this classic here we go!
I used a standard size clipboard for this one, but have made them with the little guys too. (My little ones are on display at the shop and not here to photograph right now or I would have shared photos of those too :( sorry).

the standard large clipboard size is : 9 x 12 1/4
my cover and inside pocket pages are 9 x 11 1/4.

I used shipping envelopes and manilla file folders to create the pocket pages. I simply cut the envelope on a diagonal, then inserted decorative, double-sided cardstock cut to size to divide the page.

The file folder pages are cut to the 9" width and the sides are sealed in the manner of your choice. Sew, tape, adhere or wrap...try all the options!

This project was initially a 2 hour workshop so I had to limit the amount of pages and embellishing that was done...but you can make and fit a ton more pages and of course jazz it up to your heart's desire!!

I created the cookbook side on what would be the "back" of the clipboard and decorated the "front".  You can clip a recipe and stand the book on your counter! So this project actually doubles as a recipe stand/holder too. Nifty huh!!?

The chicken wire window on the cover was a pokey, painful treatment but super cute! Start with a piece of foam core board (mattboard would work also) cut to 9 x 11.25, cut out a window. Cut a decorative cover cardstock to 11 x 12. (this is your outside cover piece). Cover & wrap the foam core piece. Cut an X in the back side of the window. Fold, wrap and adhere around the window ledges (to hid the raw foam core edge). Cut your inside cover piece to about 8.75 x 11. lay this piece on your cover and trace where you will need to cut out the window, cut window and set this piece aside. Cut chicken wire an inch or so bigger than window opening. Adhere wire to the inside of cover. I used a thick masking type tape to tape the edges down and to make sure the pokey edges didn't poke through the paper. Now grab that inside cover piece we prepared and adhere over the chicken wire. I used ATG and just adhered the heck out of it. 

There you go!! 
Let me know if you have any further questions. 
And watch for my newest 
cookbook project posting soon!


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