Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pleated Paper Ribbons

I am SO in love with the Botanical Tea collection from Graphic 45. 
I just love the dreamy patterns, florals and toiles...many that have the look of vintage fabrics. 
One day while working with this beautiful collection, 
I needed a ribbon or fabric textured piece that matched...and it hit me! 
I could make my own, totally coordintated to match! yahoo!!
That is how these pleated paper riboons came to be.

So let's walk thru this super easy process...
Cut paper to desired width of ribbons (mine are 1")

Place cut strips in water. Let soak for just a minute or two.

Take strips out of water and wring them out gently. 

Crumple each individual strip (gently).

Place strips in a dryer bag. Put in the dryer with a couple old towels for 5 to 10 minutes. 
(you could let them air dry...but I don't have the patience for that).

Take one of the dried strips, fold the end like this. 

 You can pre-fold the pleats like this photo shows, or if you watch my video tutorial it shows a technique for a "fold as you" method.

Now sew. Simply sew a straight stitch thru the center of the strip. 
I experimented with different stitches, but for these patterns
 I really prefer just a simple straight stitch. 

Beautimous pleated paper ribbons to coordinate with my beautiful papers!! 


There's a youtube tutorial for these paper ribbons...check it out here:

While you're there take a peek at my other custom made embellishments...I created a collection of ribbons, buttons and more! (and please subscribe to my channel too!)

If you prefer Snapguide...
there's a tutorial there too...

Check out How to Make Pleated Paper Ribbons by Design Betty on Snapguide.

Happy Crafting.


  1. Very cool - and so pretty!
    Alison x

  2. Thank you Alison!! I'm now addicted to making paper ribbons for ALL my collections ;o

  3. Great blog :)