Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Handmade Paper Flowers

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday!!

I recently had a Snapguide follower ask me how I make the 
paper flowers that I use on all my Papercrafting projects 
so I thought I'd put together a quick tutorial. 
I used the Flipagram format for a quick walk thru tutorial. 
Check it out here....

I share my very favorite "rolled" flowers...

I like to make a handful of these while watching a movie 
or the evening news...I love having a variety of sizes, paper patterns and textures 
on hand so when I'm in crafting mode 
I don't have to stop to mindlessly make flowers. 
Having a stockpile on hand keeps my mojo flowing during design time! 

I also shared the stacked & crinkled version. 
I love this one as it uses up my scraps from the first one!!
 (You know my motto...."don't waste a single scrap"!!!)

(I use a scallop or circle punch and punch the outer edges from the spiral cut paper)
This flower adds great texture...distressing the edges really adds a pop!
These 2 styles pair up so lovely together! 

I make my flowers out of all sorts of papers, 
but I am partial to vintage sheet music and dictionary pages 
because they match just about everything and coordinate so nicely together. 

Variations include: cutting the spiral in a wave. Rather than trying to draw a wavy spiral (which always seems to get all wonky when I try)...I draw the standard spiral and cut it wavy. 
Subtly different effect but I love it!!

You can also add texture by cutting your spiral with a decorative edge scissor. 
I like the scallop or pinking edge. 

Watch for a full, more in depth flower making Snapguide tutorial coming soon. 
I'll cover more designs and offer complete 
supply lists, instructions and step out pics! 

Thanks for stopping by for 
Tutorial Tuesday today!

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