Saturday, October 25, 2014

Today's Masterpieces

Check out the fantastic creativity unleashed at today's 
ART @ the Farm 
Matchbox Masterpiece Workshop.

This is our sample piece....

Everyone was able to choose a frame.
We had an eclectic variety of colors and styles to suit everyone's taste.
From traditional black gallery,vintage, 
distressed & stacked to monochromatic black ornate. 

We started with a pile of matchbox sleeves & drawers 
and a plethora of beautiful paper covers.

Participants were able to fine tune a color palette 
to match their personal decor or project theme.

One of my most favorite things about teaching creative workshops is 
watching a group transform a selection of all the same supplies into 
amazing and unique works of personal Art. 
Each one turns out so different and truly one of a kind! 

Susan worked with all neutrals. 
She has yet to add her embellishments but I LOVE this color palette! 
Can't wait to see the finished product. 
(Love the ornate black matte frame she picked as well!!)

Leslie choose a colorful array of patterns and textures. 
The unique matting of this frame really ties the art and frame together. 
Well played Leslie!! 

Kate's subtle pattern choices and deliberate color placement 
create a lovely, eye-catching work of art!

Desiree's earthy color selection contrasted with the black & cream neutrals 
feels warm and welcoming. Such a cozy piece!! 

Rosemarie brought the art of collage to life! 
Pops of fun, bold color & unexpected textures offer a true artful feast for the eyes!! 

So SO much Fun!!
you won't want to miss our next crafty art filled day....

Saturday November 15th

For more information and workshop details please visit the 
WORKSHOPS page... (and sign up today!!) :) 

Kits ARE available for the 
Matchbox Masterpiece workshop!!
Kits are $35.00 (frame not included)
Kit includes: 20+ matchbox sleeves
10+ matchbox drawers
40+ paper covers (randomly choosen)
20+ collage embellishment pieces (randomly choosen)
step by step tutorial link
**stamping and embossing techniques are shared in the tutorial but supplies for this step are not included in the kit

Visit the KITS page for ordering information. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!!

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