Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday

Cold and stormy, rainy, inside days, 
but really feeling like showing Stella some love. 

This calls for an inside, crafty job. 
How about a Journal and Travelin' Art Case
customized just for Stella!?!

First, I crafted a fun, chunky art journal with tons of pages, pockets, tabs and layers.
I created title pages, themed sections and 
added lots of journaling pages & prompts
for telling Stella's story, reminiscing about our travels and 
jotting down the milestones along the way. 

Then, a case of course, 
to store basic supplies, tools and embellishments... 
everything I'll need while on the road. 

I've already started adding photos, mementos, dates and important notes....

I made a Snapguide walking you thru how to create 
my traveling crafters case...
check it out here: 

I'm so antsy not being able to work on Stella...but
crafting SOMETHING for her helped a little
Now I can't wait to fill my journal 
with all our adventures & memories!! 



  1. What a wonderful journal! In one picture it looks like you are wall papering with maps?? Can't wait so see Miss Stella all gussied up and ready to travel.

    1. Yes! I used a vintage road atlas to wallpaper/decoupage the front gaucho wall.
      It turned out great...however, as the weather has changed its starting to warp & wrinkle a bit :(
      May need to reconsider this design choice.
      All part of the process I guess... Trial & error!!