Sunday, March 29, 2015

custom coloring techniques: (beyond the egg)

We recently added a lovely collection of
hand dyed vintage seam binding ribbon to our shop offerings.

They have been a HUGE hit!
(thank you!!)
Want this for my scrapbooks...Beautiful Vintage Hand Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon  by moldsrus, $2.49

To custom dye our seam binding
we use a combination of natural dying/coloring mediums. 
Our current favorites include:
walnut crystals
red wine
alcohol inks &
food coloring
How to Crinkle Seam Binding For Your Crafts
left: undyed seam binding
right: tea dyed seam binding

We dye in large batches, 
so along with the vintage seam binding 
we toss in- lace, twill, muslin, paper tags, 
doilies, yarn, string, buttons, fabric scraps, etc. 

You've all loved our custom dyed seam binding so much we are temporarily 
out of the blue and green shades...but we have more brewing, so no worries, 
we'll be back in stock in no time!!
But...if you just simply can't wait- try the process for yourself!!!
DIY's can be found below- 


(both these tutorials feature alcohol inks as the main dying medium,
many more options (listed above) are so fun to work with
 (and you probably have them in your pantry right now!)
Don't be afraid to experiment and play!!

So much fun huh!!??
BONUS- all the dying mediums listed can be used to dye your eggs too! 

(if you don't have the time or desire to try it yourself
we will have all colors back in stock for April!!)


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