Sunday, August 30, 2015

Feels like Fall!

...and looks a lot like it too!!

I've been hustling away bringing all things Fall to el&em. 
Changed up the front window, closed out & packed up all our 
Summer goods and made an (almost) complete store shift into FALL.

Had a very fun (and challenging) pumpkin hunt. 
Come to find out, pumpkins aren't all that easy to find in August. 
I did manage to round up a few fake ones 
and altered their tacky fauxness into "upCHICed" beauties. 
Learn how to do this in our upcoming "Posh Pumpkin" workshop!! 

(I did have a couple lovely REAL pumpkins delivered to my door this week.
  Whine Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks Pumpkin Queen!!) ;)

I'd been saving this plate rack for awhile, 
as I knew it would be the perfect starting point for a Fall tablescaping vignette
 I'd had dancing in my head for a couple months. 

And wouldn't you know it,  just as I was starting my set-up, IT SOLD! 
Yes, that IS the point, but sometimes I get a little sad when a vision 
I've had and been collecting for,
 never gets to see the light of day. 
Silly, but I feel this way often. 

Despite the early bird shoppers, I did manage to get a lot of treasures 
put out this first round of Fall though.
So many lovely textures, colors and even Autumn scents!
Archipelago candles have been a longtime favorite. 
They smell absolutely amazing and the colors are perfectly Fall!!

Aren't these colors just perfect for early Fall decor? 
A beautiful way to kind of ease into the season. 
Bits of azure and cobalt pop alongside Autumnal browns and orange. 

I've brought in a few new refurbished vintage desks, antique globes 
and lots of upcycled chalkboards just in time for back to school.
Maybe encourage happy homework with a unique updated space!?

Cool new hardware also hit the shelves this week.
Gorgeous designs and shapes. 
And remember: we can order in quantity for cabinet makeovers 
or large jobs and it only takes about a week to arrive!! 

here's just a bit of what we have in stock...

We also had a couple fun workshops this week
It was P O U R I N G and blustery outside...
a perfect Fall like rainy day to get crafty inside with friends, glitter and gluesticks!! 

We created mixed media junque journals 
and DIY marquee letters too!

Well that's what I was up to this week. 
Feeling very Fall-y and loving every second!!

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