Sunday, August 9, 2015

NEW colours... in stock!
The NEW 
Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint 
European Colours!!
These are 6 new additions to the milk paint line.

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Let's say hello to these gorgeous new hues...
Arabesque dresser | take two - Miss Mustard Seed
Arabesque... Think ballet tights, dusty pink tutus and pale tea roses and you’ll have a good idea what to expect from Arabesque.  This decidedly feminine color is also surprisingly neutral, making this pink one that goes beyond nurseries.

say "hello" to Layla's Mint - Miss Mustard Seed
Layla's Mint... A version of this warm, minty green was originally custom-mixed for Layla of The Lettered Cottage.  It ended up being the perfect green to add to our subtle European colour collection.

say hello to "bergere" - Miss Mustard Seed
Bergere... This smokey blue gray inspired by the painted frames of a pair of antique French Bergere chairs.  This blue is more subtle than the other blues in our line, but still makes a statement.

Colors | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint ... a neutral with gray, blue and green undertones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {Part of the Eurocolors Collection ~ Available on a limited basis outside of Europe. Please call your local retailer to make sure they carry Mora.)
Mora... named for the famous curvy clocks made in Mora, Sweden.  It is a whisper of a color – a neutral with gray, blue and green undertones.

schloss | miss mustard seed
Schloss... This rich, stone color is named Schloss, the German word for castle.  It’s warmer and richer than Trophy, making it the “greige” that our customers have been asking for!

Miss Mustard Seed distressing painted furniture | tips & techniques via bHome
Marzipan... Named for the delicious almond paste famous in Germany, Marzipan is an equally delicious warm neutral.  It’s an off-white with beige and warm gray undertones. It pairs beautifully with Ironstone for a subtle contrast.

Arabesque and a Desk (via )

And there you have it, just a brief little intro to this yummy new color palette. 
I can't wait to mix up some paint and see these lovely colors in action!! 

 Get Inspired… | Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint <3 love the paint brushes showing off the colors

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