Sunday, August 21, 2011

a vintage gathering

an all time favorite show! (circa July 2011)
we had a special Friday evening showing complete with candlelight, campfire and s'mores!! this was a best of the best vendor packed show and so well attended. weather was PERFECT. and it was the last time we had to move my awkward (yet one of my favorite finds) 10ft long church pew/bench. SOLD!! to the lovely Sandi. :)

(prep and packing...the hard, yucky part of shows)

junk salvation

a learning experience show! (way too much to even TRY to explain here in this blogpost) but all us junk girls sure have a good time reminiscing on this one when we get together!! eek.
(circa: May 2011, Puyallup, WA.)

Easter Eggs

oh we had so much fun dying eggs before a workshop this past Spring. we used all natural dying techniques and all left with a basket full of colorful creations (and a few with colorful fingertips too! no names mentioned here...achoo..sandi...) ;o

catch up.... I make the pledge to clean up my photos!! I have a confused plethora of photo montages from our jam packed year of vintage markets, in-store vinettes and super fun workshops & activities...all mixed up on my camera, iphone and now a ton on my android too...ahhh technology! ;o
so sit back and enjoy the following posts (in no particular order) our crazy, worldwind, busy, fantastic & lovely photos! enjoy!!

first off...Fall at Uncovered Ruby. (circa September 2010)
a festive, crisp outdoor event (crisp to be replaced by "soggy" towards the end), but fun and full of friends and inspiration none the less!!

this little guy tried to hop a lift home with us in our vintage suitcase. great taste Mr. Froggy!