what's in a name...

 An outtake from my Gramz’s LIFE Magazine cover photoshoot in the 1940’s. This is her and her first husband, who went MIA in WW2. She was 23, here. Photo by Eliot Elisofon, 1941.

el-(Eleanor) my beautiful, amazing & always encouraging Granny. 
She taught me the joys of expressing and sharing my creativity, 
how to be fancy,
 and shared with me her impeccable and charming knack 
for gracious preparation and presentation. 
em-(Emmit) my ever-patient, sweet & silly, 
ingeniously gifted, entrepreneurial Gramps.

When I was a little girl we traveled the US countrysides, 
hundreds upon thousands of amazing miles, antiquing, junking, learning and growing. 

Ansel Adams  Road, Nevada Desert, 1960

We searched for old car parts, vintage teacups & saucers, 
kitchy collectibles, well-loved fabrics & linens, 
just about anything really that lit our fancy. 

  I can still smell the tinny rust and aged dust, 
squeezing my little zippered train case into the back of our pale yellow Chevy wagon, 
finding just enough room between a rusty 1934 Ford fender 
and a gorgeous floral covered antique wing back chair...
the BEST of times!!

So, it was on the dusty American back roads, 
buckled in between el&em, (the 2 most amazing, giving and original pickers),  
 I learned to love, appreciate and seek out vintage, timeworn pieces. 
Items with character and unique stories. 
Antiquities to mend & cherish. 

I am so lucky to have had them in my world and to have shared so much 
precious time with them. 
Their lessons, words and support are forever in my heart and are still
 so close in thought in my everyday life and experiences. 

Vintage 1940's Snapshot of WWII Soldier Kissing His Girl Big Time! ~

My shop
is an homage to my 
Granny & Gramps,
truly extra special and always missed.