Monday, March 31, 2014

First ever blog Giveaway!!

winner, winner, chicken dinner coming right up...
but first, 
I want to thank everyone for the follows, the comments and all the 
positive vibes here and on my other social media sites.
I truly appreciate your support and continued friendships.
New followers, WELCOME!! 
Established followers...YOU ROCK!!

(but you already are!!) ;o

I look forward to continuing to grow my blog and my brand...I have great new creative, 
crafty things in the works and can't wait to share!! 

Anywho...without further adieu....
Let's get to the giveaway!!

(this is the fabulous prize)  
view detailed prize project here

I wrote every one's name down (and one for each comment),
I cut them all apart and dropped them in a bucket. 

Old fashioned..but it works!!

I had my son give me a hand to draw the winner...
Here's a little video of the drawing- 

(WINNER: please send me an email (couvearts(at)gmail(dot)com) with your contact info so I can mail out your prize!!)

Thanks again for all the follows!!
Stay tuned for more art, fun, junque and more giveaways too!! 
best regards, Denise

2 NEW Snapguides!!

3 of my most favorite things...Graphic 45, Snapguide and upcycling.
Imagine my giddiness when I heard the 3 were combining for a super fun contest!!

The idea is: 
1- create an upcycled project 
2- use Graphic 45 supplies
3- create a guide of your project and share it on Snapguide...easy breezy! 

Graphic 45 is partnering with Snapguide to sponsor this contest 
so I'm sure there will be an AMAZING prize pack offered!! 
(I'll share the contest details, links, etc as soon as they are available). 

I just couldn't wait to get to crafting, guiding and sharing.
So today I created 2 Snapguides (my goal is one a week!! Check!).

So get your crafty caps on and start brainstorming, can't wait to see what you come up with! 
In the meantime, 
check out these fun upcycle project guides... 

Check out How to Upcycle a Box and a Jar Into a Gardener's Gift Set by Design Betty on Snapguide. Check out How to Make an Upcycled Vintage Window Message Board by Design Betty on Snapguide.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is here!

It's Spring!!



It looks pretty anyway.

With Spring definitely (and officially) in the air, I created this 
festive family fun Easter 
project for the Graphic 45 blog today. 
Perfect for Easter party signage or whimsical Spring decor. 

Make the crafting of this sign a family affair. Invite the kids to help "decorate" the eggs. (BONUS: this is a MUCH less messy egg decorating endeavor than the traditional method!!)
Simply cut out a variety of paper eggs, gather some fun and colorful supplies; stickers, buttons, glitter, etc, and let the kids paste away!! 

I had no creative kidlets handy, 
so for my eggs I used simple 
Spring like patterns and hues 
provided in the Botanical Tea 6x6 paper pad. 

Check out the Graphic 45 blog post featuring this project here:
(there's also an awesome giveaway you can enter to win!!)

I created a quick walk-thru/tutorial for this project on youtube...
check that out here:

Easter Egg Hunt Sign Supplies:
Walnut Hollow rustic arrow pallet wide (40181)
Botanical Tea 12x12 papers- 2.5"x12" (2 strips each of 3 different patterns)
Botanical Tea 6x6 paper pad (for eggs, basket & bunnies)
Rub-on letters, stamps or sticker letters
Spanish Moss
White glue

just one more thing...
don't forget to join/follow my blog and comment for a chance to win my 


I hope you have an awesome 
1st day of Spring!!

xo, Denise

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Washi Buttons Snapguide

Check out How to Make Washi Covered Buttons by Design Betty on Snapguide.

Graphic 45/365

Have you heard of the 
Graphic 45/365 

It's a super fun monthly mini that yours truly is designing! 
We feature a new collection and a new project sheet each and every month
(we started in January).
I've designed them with the idea of using them as a daily
keepsake mini for the fill with activities, keepsakes,
photos and family going-ons.
Create one each month and at the end of the year you will have an
entire collection of minis highlighting all your favorite memories!! 
I also share an alternative way to use the mini...
(if you're not really into the whole daily concept), you can use the book
as a themed keepsake for whatever you like.
The program is for retail stores that carry 
Graphic 45 products...but after it goes out to the stores 
we share the project sheets with all G45 lovers!! Yahoo!
(I will also be making kits that you can order!!)

Here's what I've created so far...

January featured Typography.
Fill this mini with January's daily events and memories. 
Or create a special one-of-a-kind birthday, anniversary or art journal keepsake.
The Typography collection really lends itself to almost any theme!


We launched the G45/365 program at CHA this year.
When I got back I created this video to introduce the first mini in the series...
January 365 youtube link

The base that we are using is made from recycled file folders
(if you take my workshops you are quite familar with my affinity
for reusing and recycling whatever I have handy!!)
here's a little video showing you how to craft the base...

On to February...
Using the Sweet Sentiments collection this time, 
I crafted a sweet little mini perfect for February keepsakes and musings. 
It also makes a very lovely Valentine/Anniversary gift for that someone special.

Here's the youtube link to the February project walk thru.
In this video I show you the mini created by following our project sheet, as well as a filled in version, complete with photos and journaling.

Project Sheets
Project sheets for each months mini are/will be available to
 download (PDF) on the Graphic 45 blog.
There is also a monthly Facebook contest!! 
check out all that fun stuff here:

March's mini features Mother Goose.
I used it in a "Think outside the theme" kinda way...creating a Spring themed mini
perfect for March festivities, Easter or even a gardening journal. 
(I can't share that one yet...I'll post photos and links to videos as soon as I can).

So there's the deets so far on the G45/365 program!
Fun stuff huh?!!
Please check in each month to see a new mini and more fun ideas for dailys!

Happy Crafting!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

My very FIRST blog giveaway!!

This year I decided, 
once and for all I AM going to get ORGANIZED.

For real.
Clearing clutter. 
Organizing, labeling and storing necessities.
Lightening my load.
(yes, I know it's March. I have LOTS of stuff...and I AM making headway ;o !!)

I'm taking the time to GO THRU EVERYTHING. 
Discarding, donating and giving away.

That's where you come in!!
I have a million (well hundreds anyway) of class samples 
and projects created and saved over the years. 
This collection grows (pretty much daily!).

 I've decided I should let go of some of these and share the wealth!!
So over the next few months I'll be holding random blog & facebook giveaways of 
workshop samples, project kits and other created or collected goodies. 

No purchase necessary, No strings attached (just a simple "follow" or comment may be all I ask).

So, without further adieu, 

It's an oldy, but a goody!!
I designed and taught this workshop at an 
"Art Soiree" event.

It's a portfolio style keeper with fun little pockets and inserts. 
It also features a cascading style pullout perfect for photos, greetings and keepsakes. 
The theme is "birthday".
It's a great piece to use as a sample to create more...(it can be adapted to fit any theme).
OR...use this piece as is for a birthday gift...personalize and fill it with photos and bring it along to the birthday bash to have guests write down greetings and favorite memories.
A wonderful keepsake for a milestone birthday. 

 (please note** all giveaways are my creations that have been used as class samples. They have been a little loved, passed around during workshops, maybe even borrowed by someone who purchased a kit. Any crinkles, smudges or tears were earned with creative love!!
All giveaway pieces will be sent "AS IS".
I will photograph each piece as best I can to show the condition.)

for this giveaway I'm simply going to ask for a "follow" and a comment....
(at the top right of my blog page, simply click the "join this site" button)
follow my blog. 
leave me a shout out. 
yup that's it!!

I will hold a random drawing from my members list and from the comments posted. 
(winner will be announced on- 3/31)
already a member?? SUPER!! the drawing will be pulled from 
my entire followers list and from comments posted.

please share this fun giveaway with your friends!
I look forward to hearing from you!!
GOOD LUCK to all!!

Happy Crafting,

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pleated Paper Ribbons

I am SO in love with the Botanical Tea collection from Graphic 45. 
I just love the dreamy patterns, florals and toiles...many that have the look of vintage fabrics. 
One day while working with this beautiful collection, 
I needed a ribbon or fabric textured piece that matched...and it hit me! 
I could make my own, totally coordintated to match! yahoo!!
That is how these pleated paper riboons came to be.

So let's walk thru this super easy process...
Cut paper to desired width of ribbons (mine are 1")

Place cut strips in water. Let soak for just a minute or two.

Take strips out of water and wring them out gently. 

Crumple each individual strip (gently).

Place strips in a dryer bag. Put in the dryer with a couple old towels for 5 to 10 minutes. 
(you could let them air dry...but I don't have the patience for that).

Take one of the dried strips, fold the end like this. 

 You can pre-fold the pleats like this photo shows, or if you watch my video tutorial it shows a technique for a "fold as you" method.

Now sew. Simply sew a straight stitch thru the center of the strip. 
I experimented with different stitches, but for these patterns
 I really prefer just a simple straight stitch. 

Beautimous pleated paper ribbons to coordinate with my beautiful papers!! 


There's a youtube tutorial for these paper ribbons...check it out here:

While you're there take a peek at my other custom made embellishments...I created a collection of ribbons, buttons and more! (and please subscribe to my channel too!)

If you prefer Snapguide...
there's a tutorial there too...

Check out How to Make Pleated Paper Ribbons by Design Betty on Snapguide.

Happy Crafting.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

...just because

a layout just because. 
(a rare indulgence indeed)
I came across this super old Basic Grey paper (that I've hoarded for years) 
and that little inspiration spark ignited. 
I love, love, LOVE this "with abandon" typography, which inspired the 
colors & grunge for this layout. 

I used just a few random bits I had laying around...
Target page markers, my favorite Petaloo grey flowers, 
and a few of my very favorite stamp images. 

I'm really LOVING these colors...I think all the new branding materials I am working on just found their palette! (love it when happenstance & randomness make things all come together...those little, wonderful, out-of-the-blue "ah-ha" moments!!)  

Do you have any "just for fun", "random bits" projects you've created lately? 

Happy crafting!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Botanical Tea Altered Canvas

Today I'm sharing my 
Botanical Tea Altered Canvas 
over on the Graphic 45 blog (and here too)!!
I created a fun walk-thru/tutorial video to go along with the posts...below you can find the 
youtube link as well as the complete supply list. 

I will be offering this project in an 
ART @ the Farm
 workshop this April. 
Perfect for a custom made Mother's Day gift!
(Mother's Day is May 11th this year)
watch for details coming soon or send me a message for info.

Supply List:
Botanical Tea 12x12 paper (Spring Duet)
Botanical Tea 6x6 paper pad
Botanical Tea- Chipboard
Botanical Tea- Flowers
Botanical Tea- Tags & Pockets
Botanical Tea- Cardstock Alphabet Stickers
Staples- Large Matchbook Box (I only used the drawer piece for this project)
Staples- Small Matchbook Box
Staples- Metal Ornate Door Knob
Staples- Metal Clothespins
Staples- Metal Butterfly
Staples- Ornate Metal Book Label
Staples- Ornate Metal Brads
Graphic 45 Stamps (A Lady's Diary, Botanical Tea), ink for stamping
Misc. Texture stamps
Handmade Botanical Tea Pleated Paper Ribbons
Handmade Botanical Tea Buttons
Petaloo Flowers
Tiny Type words (Cosmo Cricket)
Ephemera Tag (7 Gypsies)
Distress Ink & Tool
Paint & brush
Spanish Moss
Handmade birds nest
Vintage music paper
Vintage thread spools
Vintage game pieces
Vintage Buttons
Found Branch w/handmade paper blooms